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Adrien Lastic - Spartacus Ring and Penis Sheath
Marka : Adrien Lastic
Kod produktu : E24869
Kod kreskowy : 8433345334790
Revolutionary double ring with vibrating penis sheath! 1 sextoy = 4 sensations Designed to satisfy and to give the couple sensational sublime pleasure, and bring them to the climax, Spartacus is an explosive fusion of 4 concepts (double ring with vibrating sheath and clitoris stimulator) in an irresistible, pleasure giving object, specially ergonomic and easy to fit. Conceived to magnify your performance and intensify your excitement. Its innovative design presents 2 balls: 1 horizontal vibrating ball fitted on to the lower ring produces irresistible vibrations on your testicles and while you are penetrating the pleasure is doubled by the thickness of the silicon, increasing considerably the diameter of the penis. 1 vertical vibrating ball placed on the upper protrusion of the sheath is to spread the quivering and good vibrations along the entire penis, stimulating the caress of the clitoris intensely, from top to bottom by suction. It is made from top medical quality silicon with a velvet feel, sufficiently flexible to adapt to any type of morphology. The double ring Spartacus vigorously stimulates your testicles while enabling you to maintain your erection longer, holding back ejaculation even while your relationships become more arduous. Special Features Material: 100% soft touch silicone and ABS (phtalates free) 1 upper vibrating ball: 2 functions 1 lower vibrating ball: 5 functions Size: - Length: 16,5 cm - Diameter penis sheath: 3,3 cm - Diameter testicle ring: 3,2 cm Batteries: 2x LR1130 and 3x LR44 included Care and washing: clean in neutral soapy water



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