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12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes
Marka : Strict Leather
Kolor : Black
Kod produktu : st805
Kod kreskowy : 848518001931
Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is the perfect tool to inflict that punishment! This slapper packs quite a sting in a little package. The five holes at the end of the slapper will also leave it's mark on the receiver! Just little reminder to keep them in line The slapper measures 30.48 cm in length and 4.4 cm wide at the front. The strap is 25.4 cm long for ease of use and transport. You could also hang it on the wall for other to view and wonder. Fine stitching so it will not fall apart under the most intense of pressure.



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