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Bye Bra - Transparent Bra Straps
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The Transparent Bra Straps discreetly fit to most bras, providing extra support for your strapless look. The straps are soft, gentle and create a natural appearance. The Transparent Bra Straps are a wardrobe essential, ideal for wearing under strapless tops or dresses. Available in 10 mm strap width. Transparent and adjustable silicone straps, attachable to any bra with the removable straps feature. Made from durable and non-shiny silicone, these silicone straps will easily replace any highly visible ordinary straps and offer a more discreet solution. A true 'basic' essential! - 1 pair in a pack - Material: 100% Polyurethane Instructions: - Remove the straps of your bra. - Anchor the Transparent Bra Straps to the bra loops. - Adjust as required for a comfortable fit.



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